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REF. 014

Outdoor bodybuilding equipment in vandal-resistant stainless steel.

Technical information
Length:183,4 cm
Width: 94,5 cm
Height: 154 cm
User height: + 140 cm Recommended age limit: 14 years. Safe area: 22.37 m2 Material: Stainless steel, also painted Weight regulation: 5kg-100kg (8 x 5kg and 6 x 10 kg) Certification Standard: EN-16630

The equipment in the FIT outdoor fitness collection is made of sturdy stainless steel. Stainless steel gives the tools an elegant and finished look and is a completely maintenance-free material. The advantage of the material is very high wear resistance.

The FITR1 treadmill enables excellent running technique training in addition to traditional warm-up and endurance training. It is convenient to practice the running technique of the first steps using the hand and body supports of the device and, for example, when the coach is allowed to guide next to the runner. Various fitness circuits can also be implemented versatilely with the help of this device, with movements that utilize body weight.

FITR1 The running feel is based on an advanced curved shape. The shape means a smoother, more ergonomic run compared to flat mats. Running takes place on delicately rotating, bearing cylinders made of stainless steel. The cylinders rest tightly against each other, so that no stones or other debris can get between them. In this way, training also remains safe.


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