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Incline Bench Press

REF. 004

Outdoor bodybuilding equipment in vandal-resistant stainless steel.

Technical information
Length: 265cm
Width: 96cm
Height: 120 cm
User height: + 140 cm Recommended age limit: 14 years. Safe area: 22.37 m2 Material: Stainless steel, also painted Weight regulation: 5kg-100kg (8 x 5kg and 6 x 10 kg) Certification Standard: EN-16630
The equipment in the MEIN Street Gym collection is made of durable stainless steel. Stainless steel gives the tools an elegant and finished look and is a material that does not require any maintenance. The advantage of the material is its very high wear resistance. The seat parts of the devices are made of waterproof and UV-protected polyethylene. The charging of the devices is safely regulated by means of separate plate weights. The surface of the plate weights is rubber.
The equipment in the collection is designed according to the goals of the fitness enthusiast, a safe workout and a loading curve that exercises the muscles effectively. The student's safety and comfort of use is achieved through the equipment's ergonomic range of motion. The movement track biomechanically guides the student to the optimal training position.
The devices are delivered easy to use. Simply attach the weights to the cables and install them on the base and you can start the workout.


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