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Entrenamiento muscular de hombro


El dispositivo es principalmente para ejercitar la parte posterior del músculo deltoides y mejorar la flexibilidad y flexibilidad del hombro. Entrenamiento en la via pública. Entrenamiento en la calle. Máquinas de entrenamiento exterior.

Sitting on the chair firstly, the arm is close to the board of the equipment, with the shoulder as the axis and the arm to expand outward; pull it to the maximum limitation and then let it go slowly, repeated the movement, with five times as a group.

All products manufactured by our company strictly comply with the mandatory European Safety standard (EN16630-2015). They have passed the tests and certifications of the National Center for Sports Certification NSCC and European TUV.
By combining the design and development experience of indoor fitness devices, all products in this series are jointly developed and tested by professional athletes and professional trainers.
The outdoor strength fitness equipment of this series makes use of a patented weight adjustment structure, to allow users to adjust the weight according to their own body condition freely, and thus obtain higher sports performance.
10-year quality guarantee.
By virtue of strict production management and quality control, each product has reached the first class of the industry in the aspect of use of intensity and anti-corrosion. The products are maintenance-free for 10 years.


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