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Second calisthenics park in Cerdanyola


The new sports space is located in Xarau Park and is free to use

Yesterday, January 17, the city's second calisthenics park, located in Xarau Park, was inaugurated, and it was done with the exhibition of ten young people from the city.

This second calisthenics park, like the one held in Parc de Cordelles in 2021, was the result of a participatory process carried out in 2020 and which had the participation of a group of people from the city, especially young people.

The calisthenics space installed in the Xarau Park has a structural set made up of different devices: Rings with galvanized chains, 2 brachiation ladders, 1 shoulder board, 2 inclined abs tables, 1 back-to-back triple parallel bars, and a total of 8 pull-up bars in the set.

The new sports area also has:

  • Low parallels
  • Jump platforms
  • Freestyle
  • Horizontal scale (inclusive area)
  • Bars at 3 heights (inclusive zone)

The sports area, which occupies a total area of ​​approximately 16 x 16 m2, has an area paved with rubber, measuring approximately 9 x 7.50 m2, to cushion any accidental fall, and a space with non-compactable sand that is delimited in the its perimeter with wooden crossbars.

An informative poster has also been installed on the exercises that can be carried out and the rules that must be followed to make use of the space. 

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