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MANRESA City Council installs new calisthenics equipment from the MEIN company


The new calisthenics space in Manresa is located in the Font dels Capellans health park

Responding to the demand of the young people who use this space, the sports council has expanded the offer with new equipment to enjoy calisthenics, a physical activity with free access that is growing in interest and seeks to exercise the movements of muscle groups beyond power and effort.



After the good reception of the calisthenics elements that were installed in November 2021 at the Font dels Capellans health park, and in response to the demands of teenagers and young users of the space, the council of Sports of the Manresa City Council has expanded the offer of calisthenics structures (Street Workout).


First of all, this expansion will allow regular users to evolve in practice and, secondly and if they wish, to prepare to be able to participate in Freestyle , Endurance, Weighted Endurance or Tension competitions.


Specifically, the devices that have been installed are 2 Freestyle bars, which are reinforced bars and with sufficient height to perform acrobatic exercises and calisthenics tricks; triple parallels, where you can perform exercises based on static elements that help develop isometric strength and balance, and low parallels, which allow you to perform auxiliary elements or start with the elements of more difficulty


At the same time, a 30 cm deep recess in the pavement has been made, which has been refilled with sand so that the final pavement complies with the UNE-EN 1177 standard for covering the surfaces of absorbent play areas of impacts


This action has had a cost of 8,729.18 euros and gives continuity to the aim of the Sports Council to promote the practice of physical activity in public spaces through the installation of devices in the air free specially designed for physical exercise. This is a free and open access service that offers the opportunity to exercise outdoors to everyone at any time of the day, and with autonomy to design their own exercise routines, in order to improve or maintain your physical capacity, increase autonomy in the practice of physical exercise and improve your state of health.

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